General terms and conditions of purchase at La Fée Vietnam are subjected to legal rules and commercial policies of La Fée Vietnam, Civil Law, Commercial Law, issued by the Government. It is the customer’s responsibility to learn about the terms and conditions which apply to payouts before making any transactions.

Conditions Of Use:
– Products are sold for personal use, buyers may only purchase these products for end-use.
– Sold products will not be resold while the product is new (unused) in the first use for any commercial purposes.

Terms Of Deposit:
– After the customer has selected the product and received information about the product pricing, La Fée Vietnam will require a deposit cost depending on the agreement between the buyer and the seller. This deposit fee will apply to the following cases:
Apply to products ordered by customer’s requirements, including the model, color, and size.
Apply to orders for specific products shown in the attached invoice, available at the store, but need to be customized to the customer’s size.
– This deposit cost will not be refunded in any conditions and cannot be exchanged for another form.
– This deposit is not transferable or transferable between the buyer and another third party.

Product Regulations and Other Regulations On Product Exchange, Return, and Warranty:
– After making transactions and receiving products, this invoice indicates that the customer agrees to receive the product according to the commitment between the buyer and the seller, products have been checked and not damaged.
– All products sold must be accompanied by a sales invoice of La Fée Vietnam. Invoices cannot be duplicated and worked as a legal sale contract.
– Products that have been sold will not be exchanged or returned in any form.

Any other inquiries about product quality must be accompanied by the original invoice and the original form of payment. The product must be unused, unwashed, undamaged, and in original condition when purchased with unimpaired tags.